Foot Pain

Your foot is an intricate network of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles which is easily prone to injury and pain.  Foot pain can affect any part of the foot, from your toes to your achilles tendon at the back of your heel.  Foot pain is often caused by arthritis.  Injury may result in intense burning pain, numbness or tingling. Foot pain due to a pinched nerve in the low back will generally have a good deal of leg pain associated with the foot pain. Even relatively mild foot pain should be taken seriously and treated as soon as possible.

Foot Pain Symptoms

  • Have severe pain or swelling
  • Unable to walk or put weight on your foot
  • Burning pain, numbness or tingling
  • Restricted ability to bring the foot up (heel walk)
  • Unstable ankles and unable to walk on toes

Causes of Foot Pain

  • Injury and overuse
  • Arthritis and diabetes
  • Hammertoe and bunions
  • Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs
  • Tendinitis or sprains

Risk Factors of Foot Pain

  • Age and gender
  • Occupational repetitive stress situations
  • High impact sports and dancing
  • Weight gain in general also associated with Pregnancy
  • Any unnecessary cosmetic surgical prodedures


  • Fractures that extend into the joint can cause Arthritis
  • Compartment syndrome can develop from nerve or blood vessel damage
  • Prolonged limping can cause further misalignment into the hip and spinal area
  • Neuropathy (numbness) can occur and is often a result of prolonged foot injury 
  •   Listen to your body, seek a medical professional when in doubt
  •   Avoid running or stepping on uneven surfaces
  •   Gradual warm up and increasing of activity slowly
  •   Avoid prolonged wearing of high heels and uncomfortable footwear
  •   Obtaining proper inserts for flat feet

Treatment of Foot Pain

We use the following approaches to relieve Foot and Ankle pain

  • ASTR® Tools: Our doctors use a variety of ASTR® tools to release scar tissue and myofascial restriction, which can decrease mobility and flexibility.
  • Special exercise program to decrease pain, strengthen the muscles, stabilize and help the patient to return to normal function and activities.
  • Special instructions on how to speed up the recovery time.
  • Cold Laser Therapy: Tissue inflammation with Foot Pain. Cold laser is used
  • Patient avoided hip surgery.

  • Patient avoided back surgery.

  • This newborn came in unable to move his neck from the side position. He suffered from torticollis, severe neck and back spasms. After just 1 ASTR treatment, he had complete range of motion.

  • Patient came in unable to move his neck from the side position. After 3 ASTR treatments, he regained full range of motion.

  • This young gymnast came in unable to do the splits. After just 1 ASTR treatment, she had full range of motion.


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