Heel Spur

A heel spur is a pointed bone growth on the underside of the heel bone. Heels spurs can be painful especially while exercising or standing for long periods of time. Heel spurs are often associated with plantar fasciitis. Heels spurs may occur due to inflammation of the soft tissue tendons or fascia in the heel. Heel spurs can be at the back or underside of the heel. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon can also be associated with heel spurs causing tenderness at the back of the heel. Heel spurs can be common among athletes especially those who do a large amount of running or jumping. Heel spurs can cause intermittent or chronic pain, pain when exercising, and a stabbing feeling at the bottom of the heel upon waking. Heel spur pain may return after sitting for a long period of time. 

Risk Factors for Heel Spurs

  • Running or jogging on hard surfaces
  • Foot abnormalities
  • Obesity
  • Lack of arch support in shoes

Heel Spur Treatment

In order to relieve heel spur symptoms, we address the problem holistically and naturally, without medication.

We use the following approaches to relieve heel spur symptoms:

  • ASTR® Tools: Our doctors use a variety of ASTR® tools to release scar tissue and myofascial restriction, which can relieve pain in the heel.
  • Special exercise program to decrease inflammation, stretch the muscles in the foot and leg to help the patient to return to normal function and activities.
  • Special instructions on how to speed up the recovery time.
  • Cold Laser Therapy: Tissue inflammation and plantar fasciitis are common with heel spurs. Cold laser is used in order to decrease inflammation and swelling that causes pressure in the heel.

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  • Patient avoided hip surgery.

  • Patient avoided back surgery.

  • This newborn came in unable to move his neck from the side position. He suffered from torticollis, severe neck and back spasms. After just 1 ASTR treatment, he had complete range of motion.

  • Patient came in unable to move his neck from the side position. After 3 ASTR treatments, he regained full range of motion.

  • This young gymnast came in unable to do the splits. After just 1 ASTR treatment, she had full range of motion.


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