Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain can range from irritating to incredibly painful to debilitating and make it very uncomfortable to do a variety of things such as sitting, standing, sleeping, and exercising. Sciatica pain comes from the sciatic nerve which is a large nerve that extends from the lower back through the back of each leg and in some cases can go all the way through the foot. Sciatica pain can radiate in the lower back and extend through one (most commonly) or both legs, the pain can be a shooting pain, numbness, weakness, burning or tingling. Sciatica pain is usually caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve which can occur from a slipped disc or a bone spur. In most cases sciatica can be relieved in a few treatments.

Sciatica Pain Symptoms

  • Radiating pain from lower back through buttock (usually one side)
  • Shooting pain
  • Burning sensation ot tingling
  • Pain worsened when coughing or sneezing
  • Sharp pain
  • Aching

Sciatica Pain Causes

  • Herniated or “slipped” disc
  • Bone spur
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Diabetes
  • Degenerative disc disease

Sciatica Pain Risk Factors

  • Obesity
  • Sleeping on a bad mattress
  • Age
  • Diabetes
  • Prolonged sitting or sendentary lifestyle
  • Wearing high heels
  • Occupations require large amount of sitting or twisting

Sciatica Pain Complications

  • Weakness or numbness in leg
  • Impared or lost bowel or bladder function

Sciatica Pain Prevention

  • Avoid sitting for long lengths of time
  • Avoid wearing high heals for long lengths of time
  • Exercise and healthy diet
  • Proper posture when sitting

Treatment for Sciatic Pain

In order to relieve sciatic pain symptoms, we address the problem holistically and naturally, without medication.

We use the following approaches to relieve sciatic pain symptoms:

  • ASTR® Tools: Our doctors use a variety of ASTR® tools to release scar tissue and myofascial restriction, which can decrease pain and give symptom relief.
  • Special exercise program to decrease inflammation, strengthen the muscles, and help the patient to return to normal function and activities.
  • Special instructions on how to speed up the recovery time.
  • Cold Laser Therapy: Tissue inflammation is common with sciatic pain. Cold laser is used in order to decrease pain in the back area.

Call us today to start the journey of pain relief!

  • Patient avoided hip surgery.

  • Patient avoided back surgery.

  • This newborn came in unable to move his neck from the side position. He suffered from torticollis, severe neck and back spasms. After just 1 ASTR treatment, he had complete range of motion.

  • Patient came in unable to move his neck from the side position. After 3 ASTR treatments, he regained full range of motion.

  • This young gymnast came in unable to do the splits. After just 1 ASTR treatment, she had full range of motion.


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